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3 reasons why you can’t find a good guy

Written by Amenda

So it is difficult for you to find a good guy. I don’t know why I can’t find a good guy?! There are some good people!? I’m here to tell you. It’s not them. It’s you.. The good news is that it’s totally fixable,and that’s what I’m going to do. P.S. you are always gorgeous!

Here are three reasons why you can’t find a good guy, or why you might think you have a worst-case scenario for a man.

  1. You’re still dating the same guy.

Figuratively speaking, you meet the same person every time. He is a man who always has a good time with friends in bars and clubs on weekends. In fact, when she takes you, she always ends up meeting her friends at the bar that night. He will always go far for his friends, but hardly for you.

Here’s the solution: stop the meeting in your comfort zone. The reason you struggle is because you quickly stick to what you already know. You need to expand your thoughts and choices. You think that what attracts you is a disaster waiting to happen. There are men out there who don’t even know you’re attracted to,where they are more affectionate,caring,and environmental. The most important thing is that I’m looking for someone like you.

  1. Your expectations are too high.

It is also important to know what you want, because it is to know that it asks and expects too much. Often the girl complains about how her boyfriend does not “listen to me.” The problem is that she is not your girlfriend, he is your boyfriend and your friend is someone you can communicate with. “The other thing I usually hear is why he doesn’t text me? ‘”she said.”Do you look forward to words every day?”Brazenly, too much is needed. Keep in mind that a woman needs more connection than a man, so you can’t expect her to connect with you on reg, especially if it doesn’t make sense. Do you really want a fully textual report!?

Here’s the solution: your expectations of a girlfriend don’t have to be the same as your boyfriend. You have to release the steam, eat something to eat with a girl, or make a good long run to burn the steam. Waiting for a message? Try not to expect a text, so when you have one, you will feel excited and happy (do not get angry or angry because he did not text you). If you are eager to hear from him, call him and make a plan with him.

  1. Your dating guy is at the wrong stage of life.

Do you find dating these outrageously funny, passionate, and wild guys? Good times? Until you break the heart, or, perhaps, the guys who are not in vain, they know what they want, what they want, in their own way, and maybe, maybe they end up disturbing a little. The reason is that I am a man at the wrong stage of life. They are not ready to settle when you are, or they do not want to try something new all the time when you do.

Solution: Learn about the different stages of life you are going through. Whether it’s young and wild,or relaxed and comfortable, you need to decide what kind of relationship you want with a man and where your man is in his life before moving on. The best way to know where they are or where they want a relationship is just to ask. Direct. The second easiest way is to read The Incredible Development of Alison Armstrong’s Men.

Does it make sense? Are you ready to make a change? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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