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5 tips for second date

Written by Amenda

What could be better than that first date? The best Mondays are dates, but the road from here to there is full of many hidden traps. Simply put, it can be quite difficult to score a second encounter, but it is not impossible. Only you need to remember something important. Here are our 5 tips for a second meeting:

1-First impressions are always important.

No matter what some people may say, first impressions can play an important role in dating. Given the fact that this is the second date you are on, two meeting, you tend to make assumptions based on how they perceive and exercise their own face. The first meeting can be short-lived, and now you have a chance to go to date number two. That’s why you have to look good.

But don’t pretend to be someone who isn’t you. Always be yourself, but be sure to highlight your best products. If you are a man and you are going to pick up your girlfriend from her house, you are not atrases. She’s waiting, not otherwise. What is timely is that many women think that it is impressive. By all means, do not forget to clean your car!

Be, master, not dead. Open the door to him, gently hold your hand while going up or down the stairs, etc.However, do not overdo it, as they may end up seeing the best way to act as something natural to you. In addition, women want to defend their independence, once and so often, so do not treat like a Faberge egg.

2-Know when to speak and when to listen

The conversation must be between two people, not just you. Let him always say first if he asks for something to answer honestly, but also always know when to stop, and come back in favor by making him a question as well.

The constant flow of interaction between the two of you not only prevents the date from becoming obsolete, but also helps you to know its date better. Show her that you are interested, often look her in the eye, and never exaggerate laughter or fear. Women are psychic and will see through their actions.

3-Ask good questions

Small dialogues and debates about peace or common aspirations are effective at the beginning of the dialogue which, in order to improve ties, please add some of these issues to the box. They will help you get to know you, potential partner, the better.

I will list some examples.:

Is this something that you are absolutely horrible?
What led you to meet me?
If you could provide a little knowledge to your High School, what would it be?
Repeat often, what will be said before calling?
How long do you hope someone kisses?
No need to go with dating cheats. Instead, think of your date as if it were a thin symbolic bow, slowly exposes the layers and Finds out what’s underneath.


Ask any woman and you will see that they like praise, but not much. Find something you like on your date and praise him for it. This should make her smile and feel good. When we met, both, things are very, very good. If she will feel comfortable and happy, then you will be able to achieve a more positive “score”.

5-Be creative.

Of course, you can stay in the restaurant all night, but where is it fun? After dinner, ask your couple if they want to take a ride. Find a place with stunning views or a small cafe with a pleasant atmosphere. Immediacy will undoubtedly score a few points for your creativity.

What’s it like to give up dinner and go for something she might like? Meet an adventurer if it is for an athlete. How was the opening of the exhibition? A Rock concert? Always think outside the box.

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