12 Quality What Men Seeks From Women

We all tend to idealize the person we would like to be in a relationship with. The fantasy of the perfect woman makes us dream, but if we don’t look for her without ever finding her (could this perfect woman really exist?) There are very simple qualities that we appreciate in women, qualities that make everyday life enjoyable and that we look for. Here are twelve of them.

  1. Intelligence… maybe even more so than us hehe…
    Behind every great man, there would be an even greater woman… The woman sees and understands things differently, her vision of things is practically essential to our equilibrium. Having a girlfriend who understands what we’re going through, who can discuss different issues with us, we like that, a woman with whom we can make a great team, a great duo.
  2. Beauty
    Beauty is different for everyone. But we have to find it pretty, men are attracted to what they see in the first place. Like it or not, it’s a determining factor. Beauty is a quality we like to appreciate.
  3. Kindness
    Sharing one’s life with someone unpleasant or smug is unbearable. Kindness is one of the basic options! Without kindness, everything else loses its appeal.
  4. The joy of life
    Life can be monotonous and full of pitfalls. Imagine when the person who shares your life is extinct, lifeless? A lively, energetic, and adventurous woman is an injection of happiness every day.
  5. She knows how to love, and is not afraid to love.
    When a woman is in love, her whole being is in love. A wounded woman who doesn’t want to love anymore, that’s sad. If you find a woman who loves you, you have received the greatest gift the Universe can give you.
  6. The Opening
    A relationship requires compromise. Finding a woman who is open-minded and willing to compromise is important, but we have to do it just as much as she does.
  7. She makes us feel good, Home Sweet Home
    With her, we know we are exactly where we need to be, and nowhere else. This is our home. If you see your reflection in her eyes, you’ve found the perfect place with her.
  8. She’s comfortable with her skin, comfortable with her body.
    All men dream of a woman who is comfortable with herself, who is radiant. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin is also generally more sexual. We like that.
  9. Strength and softness
    A mixture of strength, determination, and femininity. A feminine woman is… a woman! A strong woman is also a woman. The two don’t go against each other, they can go together.
  10. Passion
    Being able to make the flame, the passion lasts despite the daily routine. A woman who masters this art is a priceless treasure. Passion is one of the most powerful forces in the world.
  11. She has one or more goals
    No matter what the goal or purpose in life is, we are not here to judge it, but we want it to have a purpose, a meaningful project, something that animates the future. To live without goals is a relationship doomed to failure.
  12. We can no longer do without her, she is endearing, charismatic.
    Her presence, her personality, it makes our days! We can’t imagine our life without her and we are fully aware of this. We want to make her happy because she makes us happy.

Yes, there are other things we can look for in a woman, we could make a very exhaustive list, but that would be a bit too surrealistic. These very simple qualities are much more than a great start!

NB: If you have found that woman, the one who has many of these qualities and who makes you happy, it is important not to take her for granted.

We have to realize how lucky we are to have this person in our lives. Unfortunately, too many people realize how lucky and happy they were too late, once she is gone. So if you don’t want to start singing Don’t Know What You Got (Till it’s Gone) by Cinderella loll, love this person and take care of her!

If you’re still looking for her, be happy and good to yourself, you’ll shine and she’ll show up… Quite naturally.

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