“Is She Using Me?” 10 Signs She’s Using You And You Don’t Know

When a man wonders whether a woman uses it, he often refers to the material part of life: Money, Car, vacation, dinner… however, not every woman will use them to buy expensive jewelry. Some women can really use it emotionally and do not even realize that. To this day!

But while money can be earned quickly, emotions are hard to overcome. When she uses you emotionally, it becomes even more painful. So once you receive the answer to the question ” Do you use me?- it’s better for your heart.

1-“do you use me when it’s a little removed?”

The distance in a relationship is initially normal.

It’s not because you kissed that she shares all her secrets with you. But if she is like The Ice Queen around you and you feel that you deserve her smile, then something is wrong. It can be very difficult to detect a sign of manipulation. And she manipulates because she needs you for something. Manipulation is a woman’s best friend when she needs to do something for her.

If a woman is too far away, but still claims that she is in love with you, then she is probably trying to use you for something. Look around and see what he often mentions when he asks why he is a little distant. If she always indicates the same cause, and leaves the door open so he can solve his problem, use it.

2-“I Never Seem To Say Or Do The Right Thing. Is that a sign that you’re with me?”

Poor communication

True, women often like to hear certain things and be treated in a special way. The beauty of true love, however, is that the other allows you to express yourself, your feelings, your thoughts that you want.
If you feel that she will never be happy with what you say or do, it is a sign that she is using you. How do you know for sure?

Some women will never be happy with you because they see that if you feel guilty, while expressing yourself, they get something. There could be a dinner away from home, a weekend for two somewhere to help her with a personal matter, etc.

3-“I always listen to her and her problems, but when I talk about mine, it’s like she’s not even listening to me. Are You Using Me?”

You’re on the right track!
She can not decide to buy her expensive things or invite her to dinner. But she needs you to listen to her four-hour talk about her father’s problems, how much her boss hates her, and why her best friend never comes to her when she needs her most.

Yeah, you know what’s going on, right? She needs someone who always listens to her. It is likely that your friends are tired of your demanding and pessimistic view of life, so look for someone to replace you.

First of all, you think that you have finally met someone who is not afraid to open up to you. However, you will soon realize that everything revolves around you. You will never have the opportunity to discuss your day, your experiences, your problems, unless you are associated.

This is a very hidden sign that he uses you emotionally.

4-She is always so interested in my work and what I do, that it seems strange. Are You Using Me?”

Signs she might be using you

If she is more interested in what you do than you, then she definitely accomplishes a mission, and it’s not your heart.

The reason you can ask a lot of questions about what you are doing may be because you are working with something you are familiar with.

However, if your interest has nothing to do with your hobby, something smells there.

You’re probably trying to figure out if you’re making a lot of money or if you can help them grow in the workplace (if it’s related). Keep your eyes open when your questions about your work are more than questions about yourself.

5-“He Always Prefers To Go Instead Of Staying At Home. She says that because she’s extroverted, but I don’t think that’s the whole truth.”

Always out as a couple

And you are absolutely right!

Extroverts love dating, but they are just as normal people as introverts. Your problem is not that you have to be among many people. Your problem is that you:

a) she has no money to go out alone,

B) he loves you more when he does not have to talk to you or

C) he boasts of his new capture (chut, it’s you).

I know it’s brutal, but every couple has times when they prefer to be alone, have fun and get to know each other. If your “together” moments are always away from home, with other people, use it for something.

If you are a person who always pays, they use you for money. The next time you decide to go together, ask him if he’s going to be up to cover the costs, given that he’s running out of money this week. If you were an ATM every time for one night, it should be more than good to take that role at least once. If she does, then look, maybe she’s a little cold with you or she keeps her distance. He will tell you when he uses you.

However, he can use it for more money if he still insists on going out instead of staying at home. If you know the people he wants to meet or you are popular in his neighborhood, he can boast to you. Unfortunately, this often happens.

6-“With Her, I Feel Like Superman, But Not In That Sense. It’s like he always needs me for something, even if it’s not for the money. Are You Using Me?”

She always needs you for something

He uses you.

Of course, a healthy relationship is not only based on excellent communication, but also on the fact that you can trust someone else to help you when you need it.

But if you still need something: take it, repair the car, washing machine, coffee maker, etc. you feel used, right?

This kind of constant need for help is not healthy. He uses you to do tasks that he does not want to do, and it is not good. We are all adults, and we need to be able to live our lives before we start sharing with others. Although people need to help each other when they organize their time and fill things in, instead, something is not quite right.

7-“it’s not with my friends and family. I know this is creepy, but is this a sign that you’re using me for something?”

The people around you (friends and family) will always wish you the best. They only want to be with someone who appreciates you and loves you as much as they do.

While you may be a little distracted by your feelings for her, it is not. So it’s easy for you to notice dishonesty in the girl you are with. And you know what, she knows!

A girl who wants to have you in her life and wants to be part of you always wants to see and meet your friends and family. And I say it as a woman who has been on the other side: we always want to adapt and deal with the people around us the person we care about.

So you know why he does not get along with your friends: he does not want them to see that he really uses you for something.

8-“How do you know if she’s using me when she’s never been with me? He Spends More Time With His Friends Than He Does With Me.”

Never seems to say the right things

She doesn’t take your relationship seriously; that’s why the girl you’re with uses you.

If he calls you only when he has no choice for the night or when he is in a “bad mood” , then he uses the you. You can also enjoy the situation, without commitment, because you are in one of them.

Do not plan your wedding vows.

9-“we were together for a while, but I still feel like I don’t know her. What Could Be The Reason? Are You Using Me?”

One of the reasons this girl is still a little strange to you is because she does not want to let you into her life and personal space. Even if you have been hurt in the past, every connection must be a fresh start with hope and confidence in something better.

If after weeks and months, you don’t know the person you’re dating, it’s just because they hide it. You can actively use it for something, and you do not see it. Look around and try to follow logic, not feelings. I know it can hurt, but better now than later.

10-every time something goes wrong, she goes crazy. I do not understand why all the drama…are you using me?”

The Female Sex…! We are not hard to understand, but if we want to, we will be hard to understand.

Being crazy about the little things she didn’t do for you, having problems with you every time she didn’t like something is a simple manipulation, my friend. As you know, manipulation has a purpose – to exploit it.

The best way to know if he’s playing with you is simply not to do what he wants you to do. If you made your decision in a particular situation and you think that it is better for both of you, respect it. Try to talk about it, see your point of view, and if you still do not walk well, do not. This means that you can not withdraw your choice.

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