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5 Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Written by Amenda

It is also not always obvious when a relationship has just begun. Violence often starts slowly and gets progressively worse. However, these signs of DV can help keep a relationship from escalating too much.


Jealousy is present even in the healthiest of relationships. However, an abusive partner can take jealousy to the extreme. He will become overbearing and will not give you privacy.

First, he may ask you for your social media or cell phone passwords. Then, he will start taking away time from you to spend with your friends. This type of possessive behavior usually escalates.

2-fire gas

Let’s say you are very angry with your partner’s behavior. Your partner says, “Don’t you get the joke? And you say, ‘You’re too emotional.’ This is a classic example of gaslighting.

He or she begins to control you through fear, manipulation and confusion. He or she will divert your attention away from your behavior and make you see him or her in a negative light. This Eurweb article provides a perfect example of gaslighting.

3-Denigrating your partner.

The aggressor starts insulting and joking about your partner. He or she may start insulting your partner in private and sometimes in public. He or she may also compare your partner to other people and express negativity.

These are all signs of verbal abuse and are valid reasons to seek help. A person who has been verbally abused may be left with invisible scars. There is no shame in seeking help to overcome it. 4.

4-walking on eggs

During an abusive relationship, you have become very distrustful of your partner. You are afraid that something will happen and your partner will get angry and you will panic in front of them. This is one of the main warning signs of abuse in a relationship.

5 Isolation
If you notice that your friend has suddenly started to isolate herself and is always with her partner. This can be a warning sign of abuse.

She may be avoiding going out to please her partner or to avoid being seen with her bruises. Try talking to your friend to make sure she is okay.

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