Reese Witherspoon Says Filling Out Daughter’s College Applications Was An ‘Arrow In The Heart’

Entertainer and mother Reese Witherspoon is opening up about what it felt like to help her little girl Ava round out her school applications.

In an ongoing meeting with Emmy magazine, Reese discussed her new job in the show Little Fires Everywhere, which was adjusted from a novel by creator Celeste Ng. It appears the job took her privilege back to emotions she had felt in her own life and helped her to explain them.

She reviewed the troublesome feelings that originate from watching your children grow up, saying, “It’s so hard to verbalize what parenthood means and there are such huge numbers of sections in the novel that did.”

She proceeded, “[One section was about] preparing yourself to live on the smell of an apple alone, when what you truly needed was to eat up it, to dive into it and expend it, seeds, center what not. It’s such a clear method to depict the loss of your youngsters as they grow up. My little girl was applying for school in those days, so it hit me like a bolt in the heart.”

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